Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.x

Dynamics 365 includes many system reports that you can use to gain insights into how your business is doing. You can use these reports as is or customize them for your needs. For more information about customized reports, see Customize and organize reports. The following will provide insights into your accounts:

Description More information
Top revenue-generating accounts Account Distribution report
Overview of an account Account Overview report
Chronological account summary Account Summary report
Accounts that haven’t been contacted Neglected Accounts report

Account Distribution report

See which account generates the most revenue for your business. Then use the information to identify patterns – so that you leverage the information and apply it to accounts that are not so doing well.

This report is generated from revenue based on opportunities that have been won.

Account Distribution report in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Account Overview report

Get a one-page overview of everything that’s happening with an account. The report shows a profile of the account, contact information, and a summary of opportunities and case activities.

  • For opportunities, the report shows charts with active opportunities grouped by the probability of the opportunities turning into a sale and the state the opportunities are currently in.

  • For support cases, the report shows a chart with closed cases grouped by customer satisfaction level and also by the case status.

    Account Distribution report in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Account Summary report

Use this report to see what has happened with an account. This report also shows what is scheduled to happen in the future. The report displays a chronological summary for an account, including sales and service activities, notes, and records.


To view the Account Summary report for an account, open the account record. On the Account tab, in the Data group, click or tap Run Report, and then click or tap Account Summary.

Neglected Accounts report

Use this report to find accounts that haven’t been contacted recently so that you can follow up on those accounts.

When you run the report, select how many days the account has been neglected for. The report shows accounts that have no recent activity, including notes.