Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.xDynamics 365 includes many system reports that you can use to gain insights into how your business is doing. You can use these reports as is or customize them for your needs. For more information about customized reports, see Customize and organize reports. The following will provide insights into your marketing efforts:

Description More information
Summary of activities in a campaign Campaign Activity Status report
Compare campaigns Campaign Comparison report
Progress and status of campaigns Campaign Performance report

Campaign Activity Status report

Track the details of your campaign. Get a summary of each campaign activity, including planned and actual time limits, parent campaign details, and definition status.

When you run the report, it only displays campaigns with activities or notes that were created within the dates that you specified in the report.

Campaign Comparison report

Find out which of your marketing campaign was more successful.
Use this report to compare the cost effectiveness and number of responses of two different campaigns.

When you run the report, select the two campaigns that you want to compare.

A campaign comparison report in Dynamics 365

Campaign Performance report

Find out what’s working and what you need to change in your campaigns. Use the campaign performance report to track the progress and status of your campaigns. The report provides a detailed view of all the dates, targets, definitions, responses, and financial returns from each campaign that has been modified – so you can quickly see the progress of your campaigns.