Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.x

Monitor real-time updates in the activity feed to stay current with fast-moving sales, customer projects, and marketing campaigns at your organization.

You’ll find the activity feed on your dashboard under the heading What’s new.

The activity feed includes automatic updates about the work your colleagues are doing. You can also choose to “follow” updates for up to 1,000 of the contacts, colleagues, and customer records you care most about.

Like or unlike a post in the activity feed

  1. Under What’s new, point to the post.

  2. Click Like or Unlike.

    Below a post, you’ll see the number of people who have liked it, and the names of people who liked the post most recently. Click the counter to see more names.

Comment on someone’s post in the activity feed

  1. Under What’s new, point to the post.

  2. Click Reply.

  3. Type your comment. You can use up to 250 characters.

Follow or unfollow a contact, account, lead, or other customer info

In addition to seeing any automatic posts in the activity feed, you can follow customers and other types of records – to see real-time updates to the Dynamics 365 customer information you care most about.

  1. Open the contact, account, lead, or other type of record you want to follow.

  2. Click the More Command (More commands button).

  3. Click Follow or Unfollow.

Follow or unfollow a colleague

  1. On your dashboard, click Advanced Find.

  2. In the Look for drop-down list, click Users.

  3. In the Show group, click Results.

  4. Click the person’s name.

  5. Click the More Command (More commands button).

  6. Click Follow or Unfollow.

Control which types of posts you see in the activity feed

At the top of the activity feed, you'll see commands that let you control whether you see posts about everything you follow or a smaller subset.

  • Under What’s new, select one of the following:

    • All records, and then select the type of records

    • Both to see automatic posts and posts for the additional things you’re following

    • Auto posts to see only automatic posts

    • User posts to see only the things you’ve chosen to follow

Change the order that record types are listed in your activity feed

You can change the order that record types display in your activity feed so that the ones you care most about are listed at the top.

  1. Under What’s new, click All records.

  2. Click Modify this list ( Gear button ).

  3. In the Filters My Filters dialog box, select the record types you want to change.

  4. Click Move Up or Move Down to change the order the record types are displayed.

  5. Close the dialog box.

Use keyboard shortcuts in activity feeds

To do this Press this
Submit a post Alt + P
Post a status update Alt + S
Follow or unfollow Alt + L
Delete a selected post or comment Alt + L
Cancel a deletion Alt + C