Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.x

Block time to meet or talk to your customers by using appointments. You can modify any of the information in an open appointment. If you change the date and times of the appointment, Dynamics 365 will recheck for schedule conflicts.

The calendar displays canceled and completed appointments and service activities.


You can’t insert attachments in a recurring appointment.

To remove an appointment or service activity from the calendar, delete the record.

  1. To create an appointment or a recurring appointment on the Service Calendar, on the nav bar: Go to Service > Service Calendar.

    To create an appointment or recurring appointment in the Activities area, on the nav bar: Go to Sales > Activities.

  2. On the command bar, click Appointment.

  3. Type or change information in the text boxes. You can point to a field to get a tip on what data to enter.

  4. If this is a recurring appointment, click Recurrence, and then select the time, pattern, and date range you want.

  5. Click Save.

    If any participants have a schedule conflict, a warning appears. You can click Ignore and Save to save the appointment anyway.

If you want to add an attachment, make sure you save the appointment first. Then, in the Attachments section, click the Add attachment recordbutton Add Appointment button (you may have to scroll to the right to see the button) and browse for the file. The attachment size limitation is the same as the email attachment size limitation, which can be changed by your system administrator. More information: System Settings dialog box - Email tab


If you plan to include appointments in solutions, we strongly recommend that you don’t include only appointments and only recurring appointments in separate solutions. If you install and uninstall separate solutions with different appointment types, you’ll encounter a SQL Server error and you’ll have to recreate the appointments.