Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.x
Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 8.x

With Dynamics 365 (online), you can use the right storage option for the right situation. For example, you can store your private documents by using the new OneDrive for Business option. For collaborative storage, you can use Office 365 Groups and for public documents use SharePoint.

You might use OneDrive for Business to start and work on a document privately, such as for a draft sales pitch. When the draft is far enough along, move it to an Office 365 group for team collaboration. You have lots of storage space (1 TB or more) with OneDrive for Business, and documents stored there are automatically synced to your desktop and mobile devices. For example, if you put a presentation in Dynamics 365 that's stored on OneDrive linked with an opportunity, that presentation is synced to all devices running OneDrive.


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Before you can use OneDrive for Business, it must be enabled by your system administrator. More information:


This feature requires that you have an Office 365 subscription or a subscription to an online service such as SharePoint Online or Exchange Online. For more information, see What is Office 365 and how does it relate to Dynamics 365 (online)?

The first time you view your documents

  1. Go to the record for which you want to view the associated documents. For example, select Sales > Leads.

  2. If you're using the web app, on the command bar, select the down arrow beside the record name, and then select Documents.

    Navigate to related documents of a record

    If you're using a mobile-optimized app, select the Related tab, and then select Documents.

    Open the Documents tab in a record in a mobile-optimized app

    After OneDrive for Business is enabled, you'll see the following dialog box when you go to the Document Associated Grid to view documents in Dynamics 365 and upload a file to OneDrive, or when you attempt to create a new document or folder.

    Change your OneDrive folder

    Select Change folder location to pick a new location to store OneDrive documents, or select Continue to accept the default folder location: \Dynamics365.


    The default folder location is set to \CRM for users who haven't upgraded to the Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.0.

View existing OneDrive documents

Open the Document Associated Grid. The following example is for Opportunities, but works the same for all record types.

  1. Select Sales > Opportunities

  2. Choose an opportunity from the drop-down menu, and then select Documents.

    Choose Opportunities > Documents

    Dynamics 365 now organizes documents in a consolidated view.

    List of documents on OneDrive for Business

  3. Select Document Location to filter the document list.

    Choose a document location

  4. Select a location as described in the following table:

    Document Location Description
    All files All document locations associated with this Dynamics 365 record (only available in the web app)
    SharePoint site Documents stored in your default SharePoint site
    OneDrive Documents stored in OneDrive for Business
    Shared with me Documents that others shared with you that are associated with this Dynamics 365 record

Create a new document

To create a new SharePoint or OneDrive document in Dynamics 365:

  1. Go to the Document Associated Grid.

  2. Select Document Location, and change the location to OneDrive.

  3. Select New, and then choose a document type such as PowerPoint or Word.

  4. Enter a document name, and then select Save.

    The document is created and opened in the Office 365 Online application.


If you're are using the mobile-optimized app on tablets and phones, the document is opened within the Office app such as PowerPoint or Word.

Change your OneDrive folder settings (web app only)

You can change the location of your OneDrive documents and rename the folder used for OneDrive.

  1. Select Settings > Document Management > OneDrive for Business Folder Settings.

  2. Enter a new location for Dynamics 365 to store OneDrive files, and then select OK.


    The OneDrive folder is renamed, and all existing files will now be associated with the new folder.

Things to consider

Be aware of the following regarding OneDrive for Business in Dynamics 365:

  • OneDrive storage folders are created in the user's current Dynamics 365 language. If the language changes, new folders will be created in the new language. Old folders will remain in the previous language.

  • There may be a delay between when the documents are shared in OneDrive and when they're available to other users.