You can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook together with Dynamics 365 access Dynamics 365 data while you’re working within the familiar Outlook interface. Dynamics 365 for Outlook can also provide access to Dynamics 365 data while you’re working offline. Do your Dynamics 365 work in Outlook using Dynamics 365 for Outlook.

If you have an Office 365 subscription, you can install Dynamics 365 for Outlook directly from the Office 365 Home page, but before you install the add-in, review the following installation prerequisites and configuration instructions.

Step 1: Review installation prerequisites

Logging on as a Local Administrator

  • To install Dynamics 365 for Outlook, you must be able to log on to your computer as a user with Local Administrator privileges.

Software requirements

Hardware and network requirements

Installing updates

  • Install all the latest Microsoft Office updates, including all security updates, from Microsoft Update. Go to Microsoft Update.

  • To ensure that you stay up-to-date with future releases of Dynamics 365 for Outlook, it is highly recommended that you ensure that Windows Update is enabled on your computer. Learn how to turn on automatic updates.

Step 2: Install and configure Dynamics 365 for Outlook

  1. These steps apply only if you have an Office 365 subscription in addition to Dynamics 365. If you don't have an Office 365 subscription, see Set up Dynamics 365 for Outlook.

    Sign in to the Office 365 home page:

  2. In the upper-right corner of the Office 365 home page, click your account picture > View account.

    View Office 365 account settings

  3. Click Settings > Software > Tools & add-ins.

  4. Under Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook, click Install to install Dynamics 365 for Outlook.

  5. When prompted, restart Outlook. This will automatically start the Configuration Wizard and you’ll see the following dialog box:

    Add a Dynamics 365 Organization dialog box


    If the Configuration Wizard doesn’t start automatically, in the Start screen, search for Configuration Wizard and run it.

  6. In the list, select Dynamics 365 (online), and then choose Connect.


If you encounter an issue installing, connecting, or enabling Dynamics 365 for Outlook with your Dynamics 365 (online) organization, use the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant to diagnose and fix the issue. You’ll need to sign in to the diagnostics tool with your Dynamics 365 (online) credentials.