You can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook with Office Word to create documents for your customers that display Dynamics 365 data.

With mail merge, you can:

  • Create new templates or use an existing template to generate form letters for yourself or, with the appropriate permissions, for the whole organization.

  • Send form letters or form email messages to contacts, accounts, or marketing mailing lists.

  • Resend old letters to new recipients.

  • Create faxes.

  • Create quotes.

    In Dynamics 365 for Outlook, only one mail merge can be run at a time. If you receive the message "Dynamics 365 Mail Merge is already running" and want to discontinue a mail merge, close and then reopen Office Word or Internet Explorer.

    To use mail merge, your email format must be HTML.

    Record types that use mail merge:

  • Account

  • Campaign

    To use mail merge with a campaign, you must first distribute a mail campaign activity to a selected marketing list.

  • Contact

  • Lead

  • Opportunity

  • List Member in Marketing List

  • Quick Campaign

    In Dynamics 365 for Outlook, you can create a mail merge, and then at the end of the process, create a quick campaign.

  • Quote

    With mail merge, you can print only one quote at a time.

Create a mail merge document

  1. In Dynamics 365 for Outlook, open the list of records you want.


    This list can be the results of an Advanced Find search.

  2. In the list, select the record you want to add to the mail-merge recipient list.

  3. On the Add tab, in the Marketing group, click or tap Mail Merge.

  4. If you have other languages installed, you can select a language to filter the list of templates.

    In the Mail Merge dialog box, select the type of document you want to use.

  5. Choose whether you want to start with a blank document or a template. If you select a template option, click or tap the Lookup button Lookup button to select a template.

    New mail merge templates are created in the Settings area. More information: Work with mail merge templates

  6. If necessary, you can add or delete data fields.

    Office Word supports up to 62 data fields, of which Dynamics 365 for Outlook reserves two data fields to store the primary key and the record owner.

  7. Click or tap Download.

    Dynamics 365 automatically opens a Word document. You may need to select Office Word in the task bar.

    This is not your mail-merge document. This is an interim page.

  8. In the Mail Merge Recipient dialog box, verify that the list is accurate, and then click or tap OK.

  9. To continue the mail merge, follow the instructions provided by the Mail Merge pane. For more information, see the Office Word Help documentation for mail merge.


    • To display the information you want and select the format, in the Mail Merge wizard, click or tap Address Block and then Greeting Line.
    • To add data fields to display more information, click or tap More Items. You can use up to 62 data fields.
  10. If you have either created a new template or updated an existing template, you can upload the template.

    • To save the document as a template, on the Complete the merge pane, click or tap Upload Template to Dynamics 365.
  11. If you have saved the document as a template, you can go back and edit the template with Settings > Business > Templates. Click or tap your template to review and edit it.