Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.x
Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 8.x

The Dynamics 365 (online) service team regularly sends email notifications to the administrators in your Dynamics 365 organization. Now, with a simple approach of mailbox rules, you have complete control over who should receive these email communications. As an administrator, you can set up mailbox rules to automatically redirect email communications from Dynamics 365 (online) ( to additional recipients that you choose. For example, you can add to the list of recipients:

  • People outside of your Dynamics 365 organization, such as your partners.

  • People inside and outside of your company.

    All redirected emails retain the original sender context, such as Dynamics 365 (online) (

    You can automatically redirect the email notifications in Exchange Server 2010 or later versions. You can also set up automatic email redirection in the following deployments:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server on-premises deployment

  • Office 365 – Exchange Online service

  • Hybrid deployment: Exchange Server on-premises and Office 365 subscription with Exchange Online

  • Email deployments other than Exchange

    If you have been added as an additional recipient, and you want to stop receiving email notifications, please contact your Dynamics 365 admin. If you’re not sure who your Dynamics 365 admin is, see: Find your Dynamics 365 administrator or support person.

    For more information, download the white paper: Create your Mailbox rule

Send email notifications to multiple recipients

By default, Dynamics 365 admins will receive update notifications. You can add others to receive update notifications.

  1. Sign in to

  2. On the Office 365 menu bar, click Admin centers > Dynamics 365 > Instances tab.

  3. Choose an instance that has notifications you want to change.

  4. Click Notifications.

    Notifications button in Dynamics 365

  5. Enter the email addresses of people to receive update notifications for the selected instance and click Save.

    Send Email Notifications in Dynamics 365