Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.x
Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 8.x

You can customize how numbers, currencies, times, and dates appear to everyone in your organization.

  1. Make sure you have the System Administrator security role or equivalent permissions in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

    Check your security role

    1. Follow the steps in View your user profile.

    2. Don’t have the correct permissions? Contact your system administrator.

  2. Go to Settings > Administration.

  3. Click System Settings.

  4. Click the Formats tab.

  5. From the Current Format list, select the language and country or region, and then click Customize.

  6. In the Customize Regional Options dialog box, you can change the default settings for the selected format. View how the changes will look in the preview boxes.

    • Click the Number tab to change the decimal symbol, digit grouping symbol, digit groups, and negative numbers.

    • Click the Currency tab to change the currency format, negative currency amounts, and number of decimal places.

    • Click the Time tab to change the time format, time separator, and notation for morning and afternoon.

    • Click the Date tab to set the type of calendar, first day of the week, first week of the year, formats for long and short dates, and whether or not to show week numbers in calendar views.

    • Click Apply to apply the changes and continue working in the dialog box, or click OK to save the changes and close the dialog box.

  7. Click OK.