Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.x
Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 8.x

Save time when creating multiple campaigns by creating a campaign template. Campaign templates contain prefilled data that you specify, so you don’t have to reenter the same information for each campaign. You can either create a new campaign template or copy an existing campaign to use as a template.

Create a campaign template

  1. Go to Marketing > Campaigns.

  2. Click New Template.

    - OR -

    Open the campaign you want to edit.

  3. Add information in the template form just as you do when creating a campaign. In the template form, enter the information you want to appear in campaigns based on this template, and add items such as planning tasks, campaign activities, and marketing lists.

  4. Click Save or Save and Close.

Copy an existing campaign as a template

  • Open the campaign that you want to copy. Click Copy as Template, type a name for the template, and click Save.

    If you need to back up your templates, or use them in a different implementation of Dynamics 365, you can export them as part of exporting customizations. More information: Export your customizations as a solution


This topic applies to the Marketing work area within Microsoft Dynamics 365. The Dynamics 365 Marketing work area provides a way for your sales force to run sales-driven marketing activities. If you use Microsoft Dynamics Marketing along with Dynamics 365, you might be looking for a similar topic for that product. Dynamics Marketing provides a full-scale set of functionality, automation, and analytical insights for multistage and multichannel campaigns.